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What is the meaning of good and bad luck in mathematics and science in the name, can't you choose the good and bad luck in mathematics and science? Domestic naming experts, Mr. Xie Yong's name study, which number is auspicious in naming mathematics and science? Does naming people with mathematical and scientific names have any influence?

Giving a child a daughter is worse than teaching a child a skill, and teaching a child a skill is worse than giving a name to a child; a name for a baby is a priceless asset for parents and children. Nowadays, many artists change their names, and a name makes some people rise to the top!

A name accompanies a person's life, so it affects a person's life. The name is the priceless wealth of parents and children. It is related to people's career, emotional wealth, so many people. After my children come into this world, I will rack my brains to help them think of a name, because the name has a great influence on the person and is related to the fate of life.

However, because of the name, its numerology will be different, and each number has meaning and influence. Therefore, the characters of the name have their own strokes, and the number of their strokes has its own inductive force, so it can be good or bad and dominate life; here Xie Yong The teacher will talk about the auspicious and unlucky situation of names in terms of mathematics; but before that, Mr. Xie Yong wants to explain that the auspicious number of a name is not the only criterion for determining the auspiciousness of a name. To what extent, because of your strokes, you said that the sky is a surname and extended a calculation method. There are many people with the same surname in the world, and there may be fate, so the focus is on combining the horoscope of birth and date, for reference!

The five grids in name science are: Tiange, Personality, Dige, Zongge, and Waige. The calculation method is as follows:

1. Tiange: The number of Tiange is handed down from the ancestors, and its number is influenced by people.

Single surname and double surname calculation Tiange mathematics is. Single surname Tiange mathematics is "single surname strokes + 1", while complex surname Tiange mathematics is "complex surname strokes added". For example: "Ding" surname Tiange Mathematics is 3 (Ding 2 paintings + 1), "Tian" surname Tiange Mathematics is 6 (Tian 5 paintings + 1); "Sima" surname Tiange Mathematics is 15 (Si 5 paintings + Ma 10 paintings), "Ouyang" complex surname Tiange Mathematics is 32 (Ou 15 paintings + Yang 17 paintings). Because Tiange is determined by the surname, so the theory of good and bad days cannot be used in the study of names.

2. Personality: The personality number is also called the main luck, which is the center point of the whole name and affects the fate of a person's life.

The number of single-surname personality is "the number of strokes of the surname + the number of strokes of the first name (first character)". For example, the number of personality of "Andy Lau" is 30 (Liu 15 strokes + De 15 strokes); Name first word stroke ", be 16 (horse 10 strokes+light 6 strokes) as " Sima Guang " celebrity personality number, " Dongfang " celebrity personality number is 12 (square 4 strokes+long 8 strokes).

3. Dige: Dige, also known as Qianyun, affects people's activity before middle age.

Single surname and compound surname are based on the addition of the number of strokes of the name. For example, the single surname and double name "Andy Lau" is 29 (Germany 15 strokes + Hua 14 strokes); the double name "Dongfang" is 17 (long strokes). 8 pictures + red 9 pictures). How do single names (such as: Wang Hua, Sima Guang) calculate the geogetic mathematics? The single name geogetic mathematics is "the number of famous strokes + 1", that is, "Wang Hua" is 16 (Hua 15 strokes + 1), "Sima Guang" is 7 (light 6 paintings + 1).

4. Zongge: Zongge is also called Houyun, which affects the fate of people in middle age and old age.

The mathematical calculation of the total grid of the name is "the sum of the number of strokes of the name", which is understood. For example, "Ding Bu San" has a total grid of 8 (Ding 2 + Bu 3 + San 3), "Dongfang" has a total grid of 29 (East 8 + square 4 + long 8 + red 9) .

For a single surname, "the total number of the name minus the number of the personality plus 1" is the outer case (you can directly add the number of the last character of the name + 1), such as "Andy Lau", the number of the outer case is 15 (the total number 44-personality 30+1, Hua 14 paintings+ 1); the compound surname is "the total case number of the name minus the difference in the number of personality numbers" is the outer case. Note: Single surname and single name outer grid math theory 2, double surname and single name geographical math theory "total grid math theory-personality math theory +1", single character see outer grid.

The "three talents" in the study of names refer to: heaven, man, and earth, that is, heaven, personality, and earth. The configuration of the three talents refers to the relationship between the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth) of "heaven, personality, and earth". The relationship between three talents and grams is extremely important in the study of names; the five-character dissection method is the mathematical relationship established by the number of strokes in the name, and the number of strokes in traditional characters is calculated ("Kangxi Dictionary" shall prevail).

Second, the number of hints of auspicious luck (indicates some obstacles, but can get auspicious luck) 6, 17, 26, 27, 29, 30, 38, 49, 51, 55, 58, 71, 73, 75

6. The number of hints of artistic ability (rich in artistic talent, mastery of aesthetics, art, performing arts, and sports) 13, 14, 18, 26, 29, 33, 35, 38, 48

7. Numbers of women's virtue luck hints (female virtue, gentle character, helping husband and loving son) 5, 6, 11, 13, 15, 16, 24, 32, 35

8. Hints of female orphans and widows (difficult to find a husband, family disharmony, husband and wife fighting, divorce, severe cases, one spouse dies) 21, 23, 26, 28, 29, 33, 39

Everything in the universe is rooted in numbers, the number 1 and 10, cycle, orderly, this is the truth of the universe, each number contains power. There are yin and yang in heaven and earth, inside and outside of objects, and numbers have an inductive force, so the number 81 in name learning has its suggestive power and spiritual effect. Mathematics to judge the good or bad of names is an integral part of name learning.

When naming and changing names, avoid bad luck. In addition to the sky, the lucky numbers are 4, 9, 19, 20, 34, and 44. These numbers are bad and must not be used. If someone has such a number, they should change their names to prevent regret when they encounter disasters.

Family: Flesh and blood, moved away from ancestors. My brother has no share, but I have a chance to make friends outside.

Short-lived numbers: 4, 9, 10, 19, 20, 34, 44, etc. are short-lived numbers. Those who have this number in the four characters of the name will be in trouble and catastrophe.

Arts skills: 13, 14, 26, 29, 33 numbers, full of artistic talents, fine arts, and the ability to develop art skills. Rigid love number: 7, 8, 17, 18 numbers, although the appearance is just love, but inside, there are neurotics. Among the four characters of the name, when most of them live in this number, they suffer from lung and heart diseases and induce foot and hand.

The five-character dissection method in name science is an influential naming method at present. The five characters are "Tian Ge", "Personality", "Di Ge", "Outer Ge" and "Zong Ge". "Book of Changes" " Xiangshu theory", the number of strokes of the name establishes the five-character mathematical relationship, and calculates the fortune of all aspects of life. Let me show you from the mathematical point of view of the name of Dragon King Studio below, which stroke numbers (traditional characters prevail) can bring you good luck and make your life easier.

This kind of people are born with noble luck and strong luck. No matter what industry they are in, they can find their own position and win the appreciation of the leaders, so as to make achievements. And when encountering difficulties, there will always be noble people to help, and through it, it will be a blessing in disguise. If you have such good luck, you must remember to be grateful and return.

Such people will have professional knowledge, and will use it as a means of earning a living, and will find a platform to fully display their talents. But if this kind of people want to do things down-to-earth, with their own expertise and professionalism, they will do something. Remember that ease is a curse and a blessing.

This kind of people always have more opportunities around others, and others are successful in doing things. As long as they find a career that suits them, they can achieve results. Moreover, he is popular in his unit, not only can he be appreciated by the leaders, but also the relationship with colleagues is very harmonious, and his career can develop smoothly. Shared by Dragon King Xu's studio.

Meaning: the basic number of everything. Auspicious luck means that belonging, reputation and luck can enjoy a lifetime of happiness. Its mathematics is too logical, so it is ordinary people who bear the number.

Family: kinship. Husband and wife should understand each other and avoid separation.

Meaning: like, imply. Strong will, no independent strength, lost in advance and retreat, internal and external waves, hardship. Shaken, sick, distressed, maimed. If it is accompanied by other numbers, it can avoid short-lived death. His life, ambition, shattered.

Family: If you give favors in the family, you can get a good wife, the six relatives are harmonious, and abstinence.

: The pines stand tall, and are expected to live a long life.

Meaning: Yin and Yang merge together, heaven, earth and man are formed, and the image is determined. There are hints of auspicious fortune, a sign of prosperity. Zhida Mingmin, skillful workmanship, everything goes well, can achieve achievements, have both fame and fortune, have the qualifications of a leader, and enjoy blessings. Rongjin is hopeful and blessed.

Family: Six relatives, brothers make cakes, enthusiastic helpers.

Meaning: All things wither and decline, dilapidated and dead. It is a variable of destruction and a sign of death. Advance and retreat, independent ability, mostly difficult. Misfortune due to illness, or other luck cooperation will cause illness and death, premature death, debauchery, ruin, rebellion, and eventually become a disabled person. But filial sons, virtuous women, and eccentrics, there are those who come from the number.

Family: up and down, mutual cooperation, hopeful, many children.

: Good health, happiness like the East China Sea, longevity than Nanshan,.

Meaning: Sympathy between yin and yang, complete harmony and hidden luck. Majestic, healthy, prosperous family, rich and prosperous, good fortune and longevity, omnipresent. Start a family in a foreign land, and have a family business. Even so, you will win fame and honor, and your blessings will be auspicious.

: It is hoped that every bad luck will turn into good luck, and if you meet once, you will live a long life.

Family: Family harmony and tranquility.

Meaning: Heaven, earth and earth are all in harmony, and heaven, earth and people are in harmony. Wealth, fortune, family power is grand, and Wanbao is lucky to the clan. However, the loss is extremely profitable. If the other elements are not well coordinated, it will flow down like flowing water, which is the so-called phenomenon of extreme joy begets sorrow. This mathematical talent is beautiful, auspicious for a lifetime.

Family: Lack of assimilation power, internal and external incompatibility, those who are good at self-cultivation and self-cultivation can have a family.

: The sun and the moon are bright, the mind and body are expected to live long.

Meaning: independent, single-line, authoritative image, but lack of assimilation. The talent is full of energy and has the ability to adjust the development of things. Be able to move forward bravely, overcome all difficulties, and be outstanding. If you can cultivate your generosity, deal with things, expand your tolerance, and make progress. If you play with power and cause internal and external harmony, you should refrain. Females with this number have masculine characteristics, and they must pay attention to cultivating virtue, and they will be auspicious without fault.

Foundation: arts, fine arts, scholars, official salary, heavenly official, teacher, animal husbandry. Family: Establish a family and become a sage, the family is difficult first and then prosperous.

: Alpine standing pine, healthy and comfortable, is expected to live a long life.

Meaning: The will is like a rock, full of aggressiveness. Against all odds to achieve the goal. The name and the reality are twofold, and patience and self-denial lead to great success. If other luck is not well coordinated, there may be disasters. , can be avoided.

9 Mathematics, (breaking the boat into the sea): the end of luck, the number of hardships. (fierce)

Family: kinship, there are many people who talk long and short. Stay wise.

: Women become romantic or husbands leave, weak, men and women get married late, do more good deeds, can avoid short life.

Meaning: ups and downs. Benefits go to merit and emptiness, fall, bad luck, short-lived, short-lived, poor, or suffering from separation from relatives at a young age, or sickness, illness, disaster, disability, disaster, punishment, unexpected misfortune. The main luck has this number. That is to say, one is free from disasters, loses a spouse or has a child. It's bad luck in life. But there are exceptions such as geeks, scholars, great men, and rich people.

Family: There are many onlookers in the family, who hurt their wives and sons and break up their reunion.

Meaning: the sun is not at dusk, the vastness is like a god crying ghost. It is very nine, and things are lucky. Like a dark place, empty and empty. Those who have this number of main luck are mostly short-lived. Doing things with strength, falling into dissatisfaction, obstacles and failures, resulting in bankruptcy and loss of property, rebellion. No relatives, loss of relatives, illness or disaster, or trouble with officials. It's neither karma nor luck. He has many illnesses throughout his life and often encounters unexpected disasters. Those who are not well equipped with the "three talents" are mostly registered in Huangquan around middle age. However, there are one or two exceptions in ten thousand people who can survive from desperation.

Family: Keeping bees and making honey, everything goes smoothly and everywhere.

: He Chuan Yong is expected to live a long and healthy life.

Meaning: Rainfall in dry weather. The yin and yang are restored, and the talent is enjoyed. Everything is going smoothly,. Yes, Xingjiaye hinted. It can save home luck and Shunji number.

Family: Family affection is like autumn water, flesh and blood are like cold charcoal, kindness attracts resentment, it is advisable to improve integrity.

: Withered trees wait for spring, beware of neurasthenia, stomach cancer, trauma, skin diseases. "Three talents" are safe.

Meaning: unreasonable stretch image. Taking care of one's own powerlessness and attempting to do things beyond one's ability will lead to failure. When things happen, it's easy to get excited. The family is weak, lonely and helpless, all his life. Trapped, suffering, adversity, sickness, unsatisfactory predicament, or failure due to poor coordination of other luck, there is no way.

13 Mathematics (Chunri Peony): erudite and versatile, superior in intelligence. (lucky)

Family: Ancestor Yu Yin, descendants filial piety, reunion is expected.

: Physical and mental health, longevity is expected. Meet those who are born with incompatibility of the five elements.

Meaning: Heaven and earth overflow with auspicious energy, enjoy the blessings of heaven, and auspicious signs everywhere. Arts rich talent, resourcefulness slightly odd. Be patient and be gentle, and make great achievements in handling any difficult things skillfully, and you will be able to enjoy the blessings and prosperity. Get the help of the nobles, benefit, easily get credit, make contributions, have both, and enjoy life.

Meaning: pure yang auspicious number. Possess courage, manners and morality, gentleness, can achieve great ambitions and great achievements, it is really good luck to win fame and fortune.

: Skin diseases, colds, wind evils, those who are born with the combination of the five elements. The men and women of this number belong to appearance.

Meaning: Ups and downs are uncertain, and there are many broken omens. The family is weak, the six relatives are unreliable, the flesh and blood are separated, the bereavement, the unsatisfactory, the distress, the misfortune, the disaster. People, show kindness and complain, but to no avail. If other luck numbers cooperate, it will hurt Tianshou. However, this number of people should realize that if the "three talents" are arranged, there will be very few eccentrics and great people who will achieve great things.

Family: family style, elephant, prosperous descendants.

: The Pearl of the Sea, Yu Qing.

Meaning: good luck, blessing and longevity. Submissive, gentle, generous. It is admirable to collect letters from top to bottom, receive many blessings, be highly respected, have a family business, and be rich and prosperous. Auspicious and virtuous, prosperity of the family.

Family: Flowers bloom in spring, looking forward to family. Men have good wives, women marry early.

: Flowers and plants are in spring, addicted to pornography, those who are expected to live a long and healthy life.

Meaning: turn bad luck into good luck. And Position Wang weight, build Foundation. Generous, resourceful, good at coordinating, planning well, family, fortune, wealth and longevity. Great things and great undertakings can be achieved, hinting at prosperity. It belongs to the leader's fortune.

Family: It is expected that women can cultivate their virtues and wisdom.

: Physical and mental health, longevity is expected.

Meaning: authority, will, go forward bravely, have the power to break through all difficulties. Achieve great achievements and great achievements, but by nature, self-consciousness is strong and fears harmony with others, causing troubles is not a disaster, leading to failure, and abstinence is auspicious. Women who have this number tend to be inferior to men, so they should cultivate female virtues, save the master, and be blessed. Women with congenital conditions use this number instead.

Family: Ancestors are sheltered and blessed, kind-hearted, peaceful and hopeful.

: Physical and mental health is like a ten thousand year snake, and longevity is expected.

Meaning: hard-hearted, prosperous, possessed of power and resourcefulness. Smartness, ambition to overcome all difficulties to achieve the goal, achieve achievements, and win fame and fortune. But self-confidence is too strong and tolerant, causing troubles. It is advisable to cultivate gentleness and be careful not to be arrogant.

Family: Brothers become Wuyue, you have to think about brotherhood.

: Weakness, sickness, penalty, killing, short life, those born with five elements belonging to Jinshui are expected to be healthy.

Meaning: The moon is covered by wind and clouds, with wisdom and strategy. Although he has made great achievements and won fame and fortune, but because of frequent disasters, internal and external harmony, complete defeat, and endless difficulties. If the main luck has this number, other auspicious numbers will be used to help, and there will be many disasters such as sickness, disability, orphan and widow, death of wife, punishment, and killing. Everything is extremely frustrated, so it is called short-lived. If you are born with golden water, you can become famous, eccentric, and great.

Family: family ties are not established, brothers hide from each other, leave the ancestors and prodigal, be kind and forbear in everything, and the family is peaceful.

: Mud body into the sea, unsustainable. The fate of those who are not well equipped with the three talents will be sick and weak. Those who are golden and wooden are safe.

Meaning: object image. The number of ruins and deaths has a short-lived non-karma induction. Dangers, disasters, disasters are imminent, life is not peaceful, unsatisfactory, everything is impossible, and you are in adversity. Or lead to sickness, short life, non-karma, disillusionment, or separation from relatives in childhood, resulting in hardship, or lamenting children, or loss of marriage between men and women.

21 Mathematics, (Moon in the sky): The bright moon shines, and the physique is independent and authoritative. (lucky)

Family: Six relatives are in harmony, having children will benefit, females are auspicious, bad luck for husband.

: Qiuyue hibiscus, prime of life, longevity.

Meaning: Light, wind and moon, all things form a self-supporting momentum. Independent and authoritative, able to lead luck. People respect and enjoy wealth and glory. The path belongs to stepping forward and developing, painstakingly advancing step by step in the middle, just like climbing a ladder. Establishing a business and prospering a family, gaining fame and fortune, and longevity are precious and auspicious numbers. Women who get this number will attract disasters, so. "Book of Changes" points out that women should help men, and they are born to make up for the number. If they have the luck of being a leader, they will be their wife Ling Fuge. Yin and Yang give birth to secret fighting, and there is no peace, so husband and wife turn their eyes against each other, or extreme joy breeds sorrow, and women are unprepared for morality, family, wife and husband, the so-called two tigers fighting each other, those who are unparalleled should be cautious.

22 Mathematics, (autumn grass meets frost): Pepsi is unsatisfactory. (fierce)

Family: Weak relatives, independent family.

: often have unmentionable diseases, difficult to cure or short-lived.

Meaning: Autumn grass is like frost, weak. Separation of flesh and blood, life, everything is unsatisfactory, futile, weak and sick, setbacks and difficulties, and adversity is uneven, these are the portrayal of countless people's lives. But there are great men and heroes who are outstanding, but their lives are full of twists and turns.

Family: Men are expected to have families. Women's boudoirs are scattered, and their personalities are so numerous.

: Men can expect it, women have it.

Meaning: Prosperous luck, mighty and powerful phenomena, number of illustrious leaders. Born, strive hard, overcome all difficulties, achieve great ambitions and great achievements, achieve fame and glory, and be the leader. It's like a triumphant return, a tiger with wings added. Power, it is a pity to win too much, but affection, loveliness, is really precious luck. There are twenty-one reasons for this number of women, and those who are lucky enough to have this number will turn into fragrant boudoirs.

Family: Do not rely on ancestral inheritance, family, brother harmony, but should remain selfless.

: Evergreen pines and cypresses are expected to live a long life.

Meaning: Luckily met with talent, outstanding ingenuity and resourcefulness. Jianye, overcoming difficulties, started from scratch. The source of wealth, the savings of the family, arrives, and the children and grandchildren inherit Yu Qingfu's luck.

Family: And those, the family, the prosperity of the children and grandchildren.

:, the "three talents" are expected to live a long life.

Meaning: capitalistic, sensitive, talented. Do things, and you can achieve great things. His temperament and speech are extreme, short-tempered, lack of communication with others, impulsive, arrogant and rude, and play against the good. It's auspicious to be cautious.

Family: family affection is meaningless, the wife is helpless, if the children are meek, they can get it.

: Most of them are poor and weak, those born with gold are expected, and men have double wives.

Meaning: It belongs to the overlapping of waves, and the luck of heroes. He has a bright personality and is full of righteousness and chivalry. However, accidents and turmoil continue, great achievements fail, bankruptcy and death, good luck. Because of their compatibility, they may fall into rebellion, rebellion, and short-lived life, or lose their spouse, or lose their children and live alone. If a hero does not become a hero, most of them will not be lucky. Strange heroes, martyrs, and great men all come from this number.

Family: six relatives, brothers.

: Lung disease, punishment, heart disease, short life, those born with five elements, water and soil, are expected to be safe.

Meaning: Unlimited desires, overconfident, forbidding others to speak, frequently being slandered and attacked, and failing. He began to gain fame and fortune with his resourcefulness and hard work. After being middle-aged, the situation is under the influence, harmony is brewed inside and outside, and the development is achieved. If you are meek and rich, you will inevitably have internal disputes. Most of the time there are folding images on the way. Or fall into punishment, death due to adversity due to other luck.

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28 Mathematics, (Kuoshui Duckweed): Family relatives, outliers have no fixed number. (fierce)

Family: relatives are jealous, brothers keep in touch, and children part.

Meaning: Although heroic, slanderous. When danger strikes, emptiness perishes, disaster and chaos leave. Or losing a spouse, restraining children and grandchildren, having different relatives, disputes, rebellion, punishment and disasters, which can be called unlucky. Women with this number are mostly widowed or married.

29 Mathematics, (Injustice): Have both resourcefulness and desire. (half auspicious)

Family: Lack of ancestral power, when the ground is on fire, there will be a lack of children or harmony.

: Those who are born with the five elements, metal, wood and the "three talents" are expected to be healthy, and those who are born with earth and fire are sick and weak.

Meaning: resourcefulness, meritorious deeds and blessings. The financial resources and activities are ready to achieve great achievements. However, if you don't give in to your thoughts, you will engage in endless desires, and you will often be self-defeating and cause disasters. If there are such numbers of women who are inferior to men, or cause suspicion, you must be cautious.

Family: kinship, marriage, white hair.

Meaning: ups and downs, auspicious, both go hand in hand. Other luck cooperates, or succeeds greatly, or suffers failure. Therefore, those who take good luck, Mathematicians fall into failure unknowingly. Its encounters are unpredictable, and there are those who suddenly make a difference. Inducing speculation is like a mining expedition, with great success and failure, some. In addition, there are those who lost their wives and died short-lived.

31 Mathematics, (flowers bloom in spring): wisdom, courage, virtue and ambition, wishing to come true and enjoy the blessings. (lucky)

Family: many children, hopeful, and those who are restrained will meet.

: Physical and mental health, longevity is expected.

Meaning: Like a dragon ascending to heaven, full of wisdom, benevolence and courage. Will, thousands of setbacks, footsteps, can achieve great ambitions, and can achieve great fortune. Can lead the people, win fame, and have long-lasting blessings. Gentle, mighty leader luck.

Family: Longchang family, hopeful, offspring, male with double wives.

: Hope for well-being, those who are not good at the "three talents" will suffer from illness.

Meaning: If you are hopeful, you have to be sheltered. If you can get the support of the elders, it will be as powerful as a broken bamboo. Moreover, the numerologists are gentle in character and have the virtue of caring for others. The family is prosperous and auspicious, suitable for women.

Family: hopeful,. Women use it alone.

: It is expected that those who are not good at the "three talents" will suffer.

Meaning: Luan and phoenix meet, and the rising sun rises into the sky, forming a definite meaning. With many merits, power and resourcefulness, fortitude is like the rising sun, and the prosperity is extremely prosperous. It is well-known in the world for auspicious luck. If you make a mistake. It is too expensive and unbearable for ordinary people. But extremes are reversed, and darkness is honored. Women can't do it, but if they use it, they will be widowed.

Family: Family relationship is weak, homeless, patience can keep you safe.

: Short life, killing, punishment, cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis, those who are born with the "three talents" of the five elements can get well-being.

Meaning: It is a great omen of destruction. Chaos and disasters, as soon as the evil spirits arrive, they will follow one after another. Everything will be chaotic inside and outside. Unlimited decay. Due to the relationship of other numbers, there are sickness, short life, loss of spouse, separation of children, punishment, killing, or death. The disaster was extremely severe, and the family was ruined and the number of deaths was serious.

Family: upper-class family, expected,.

: Yu Qing,. If the sky is in Geke, there will be illnesses and sufferings.

Meaning: Gentle and gentle. With the ability to achieve wisdom, art and technology will surely develop and achieve success. If you have great ambitions and achieve great things, you will gain strength and power. It lacks courage and boldness, so this number is actually a conservative and auspicious number. This number is most suitable for women, and it tends to be negative for men.

Family: The six relatives are strong, the husband and wife are divorced, the children are happy, and they do more good deeds to accumulate virtue.

: Short-lived, serious illness, trauma, disabled disease, those with "three talents" are expected to be healthy.

Meaning: Waves overlap, ten thousand strong heroes are lucky, chivalrous, righteous, self-sacrificing and benevolent. Life is full of difficulties. Standing still will not cause great harm, if activities create waves, changes will decline, leading to failure and fall. Others with poor luck, or weak, short-lived, widowed, and misfortunes are omnipresent.

Family harmony. Women have a little bit, and they should abide by female virtues, and there is no fault.

: Longevity and health expected. Congenital five-element fire or suppressed personality suffers from lung disease and a few heart disease.

Meaning: independent, single-line, authoritative, and incomparable performance. Heda, wins the trust of all, overcomes all difficulties and achieves a great cause. Kind and virtuous, good at displaying talents, enjoying the blessings of heaven, rich and prosperous. However, because of its authority and arbitrariness, it is regrettable, so it is advisable to be gracious and careful.

Family: relatives talk coldly, brothers have no ribs, it is appropriate.

: Misfortune, trauma, lung disease, "Three Talents".

Meaning: no ambition, lack of commanding prestige, lack of leadership ability. Belongs to ambition but lack of energy, not trusted. elephant. Frustrated. However, the development of literature and skills, the ability to make progress, is expected. This number is the number of art.

Family: Peaceful, hopeful, prosperous offspring, "Three talents" are suppressed.

: Hope to be healthy, those who are not good at the "three talents" will be sick and weak.

Meaning: Once the disaster is over, it becomes a precious number. Authoritative blessings and longevity, wealth and silk, virtues and virtues in all directions, wealth and wealth, extreme. Hidden evil, the so-called extremes must be reversed, so use it lightly. If women have this number, they will be orphaned and widowed.

Family: kinship, separation of brothers.

: Sickness, stomach disease, trauma, disability, punishment, those with "three talents" can make up for it.

Meaning: Rich in resourcefulness and courage, but determined, attacked by slander, on a wrong road. Take risks and speculate, know how to advance but not retreat, although you win, you fail. Those who cooperate with others have suffered from criminal injuries and crimes, and are weak and short-lived. It's safe to retreat.

Family: family, descendants, and those who are restrained meet.

: It is expected to live a long and healthy life, and those who are not good at the "three talents" will meet.

Meaning: pure yang auspicious number. Possess courage, manners and morality, gentleness, can achieve great ambitions and great achievements, it is really good luck to win fame and fortune.

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Family: kinship is meaningless, friends have no fate, and wife has turned against each other. It doesn't matter if you have "three talents".

: Sick, weak, congenital fire and water of the five elements and "three talents" are expected to be healthy.

Meaning: knowledgeable and versatile, skillful, worldly, ten skills and nine out of ten. Weakness of will, lack of self-improvement, failure of great things, misery, laziness and frustration. It may be possible to work hard, or you will fail. Among this number are the sick and weak.

43 Mathematics, (scattering wealth): Evil ways to spread wealth, external prosperity and internal suffering. (fierce)

Family: The wife has no ribs, the sons are not bad, and the hearts are connected. The "three talents" are defenseless.

: Weakness, trauma, short life, those with "three talents" can be.

Meaning: Dispersing wealth and bankruptcy, like falling rain and flowers at night, undisciplined. Although talented, but weak-willed, everything can't be done. From the outside, the inside is miserable. On the surface it seems to be a success, but on the inside it is unimaginable. If a woman has this numerology plus other character relationships, she will be trapped and cannot die well.

Family: Flesh and blood, brothers and, can bear.

:, punishment, disease, disaster, suffering, short life, those who are born with the five elements can expect to be healthy.

Meaning: Falling leaves on autumn trees, ruining families and killing people. Hiding bleak luck, destroying chaos and separation, everything can't go well. Adversity, illness, sickness, disability, suffering, family members are separated from each other, or short-lived due to other luck. But eccentrics, great men, martyrs, dutiful sons, and inventors often come from this number.

45 Mathematics, (downwind): sailing with the wind, the newborn Taihe and everything goes well. (lucky)

Family: hopeful, full of children and grandchildren. The "three talents" are not good enough.

: Healthy and long life, meet those whose personality is suppressed.

Meaning: Sail the elephant with the wind. Jingwei, resourcefulness, and morality can achieve great ambitions and win fame and fortune. If other lucky numbers are combined, it is like a ship losing its rudder in the waves and suffering disaster.

Family: children, "three talents" can make up.

: Punishment, sickness, short life, trauma, hidden injury, "three talents" are expected.

Meaning: The image of sinking a boat carrying treasure. Weakness of mind, weakness of will, ruin, hardship, destruction and failure. However, there are those who succeed after trying everything, but fate, so life or death. Or other luck relationship, resulting in falling into punishment, sickness, and short-lived disasters.

Family: Family, although there are disputes from time to time, those with "three talents" can live in harmony.

: It is expected to live a long and healthy life, and those who are not good at "three talents" may be sick and weak, and may have a short life.

Meaning: flowering elephant. Auspicious and auspicious numbers can enjoy talents. Able to be promoted, or to cooperate with others to achieve great things. But if you advance, you can attack, and if you retreat, you can defend. The descendants of Fulu will be lucky.

Family: family, full of children and grandchildren. The "three talents" are not good enough.

:, is expected to live a long life. The "three talents" are not good enough.

Meaning: to be able to plan and complete, to be firm and virtuous. Enjoy the blessings of heaven, and the prosperity of utilitarianism will be auspicious. Pleasant consultant, prestige, is the number of teachers.

Family: Six relatives are capable, and children are suitable.

: Disaster, sickness, trauma, short life, the "three talents" can be remedied.

Meaning: On a good and bad road. When auspiciousness comes, auspiciousness will lead to great auspiciousness. Come and change, success or failure, gains and losses, easy to change fortune. Whether it is or not depends on the cooperation of the "three talents" and the relationship between others, but most of them are caught in disasters and hardships.

50 Mathematics, (a small boat enters the sea): good or bad, need to prevent overturning. (fierce)

Meaning: success and failure. Get the number "5" to make a great career and enjoy the shade, and the number of back surplus (10) implies that it will lead to failure. In his later years, he broke up his family and died. If there are many others, it will be added, killing, sorrow, orphans and widows are frequent, and punishment will be imposed.

Family: There are disputes from time to time, it is better to keep peace, and those with "three talents" can get it.

: People with suppressed personality, suffering from disasters, and those with "three talents" are healthy.

Meaning: An image of prosperity and decline. Although lucky enough to meet you, you can gain prosperity, fame and fortune, but due to bad omens and lack of strength, you will suffer setbacks and failures in your later years.

52 Mathematics, (reaching the eye): foresight, the number of ideal realization. (lucky)

Family: filial piety, harmonious children. The "three talents" meet.

: It is expected to live a long and healthy life, and those whose personality is suppressed will meet.

Meaning: The philosopher knows the opportunity, has the foresight, and leaps to the image. Powerful, strategic, speculative, and means of recovery, can achieve great ambitions and great careers and gain both fame and fortune.

53 Mathematics, (curly and difficult star): Difficulty, inner worries. (fierce)

Family: relatives are ruthless, children rest.

Meaning: The appearance looks auspicious and auspicious, but there are many obstacles and disasters inside. If it is not the first half of life and the second half of life, it is the first half of life and the second half of life, good and bad are interchanged, and luck is mixed. Falling into fierce evil, most of them ruined their homes and died, even if they were lucky enough to save them, it was just to keep them safe.

Family: Parents are like passers-by, brothers are like remnant stars. If you live in harmony, there is no big mistake.

: Sickness, catastrophe, death, short life, punishment, the "three talents" good people can be expected.

Meaning: Self-trap, implying great evil. , and, damage, and cause bankruptcy. Or fall into disabling disease, punishment, violent death and short life.

Family: It is not a big fault for relatives to avoid each other, parents are old and sick.

: The "three talents" good people can hope to be safe and healthy, otherwise they will meet.

Meaning: The number of five is the most auspicious number, adding five to five is the most auspicious combination, and the auspiciousness is extremely auspicious. The surface is quite prosperous, but the inside is full of disasters, you can't feel at ease in everything, danger, parting, and sickness are everywhere, good and bad are accompanied by luck. There is no place for the weak-willed. Goodness can invigorate the majesty, and those who are determined to work hard and overcome all difficulties may have a day.

56 Mathematics, (boating in the waves): After going through hardships, there are many obstacles around. (fierce)

Family: You can rely on your relatives to enjoy the blessings, and you should leave your ancestors to stand on your own.

: Trauma, sickness, disability, short life, the "three talents" good people can be expected.

Meaning: If you lack the courage and enterprising spirit to implement everything, you will not be able to achieve your wishes. Suffering losses, disasters, and death, misfortunes never come singly. Discord in all things, energy, is the luck of the evening scene.

Family: Parents, there are conflicts from time to time, but those with "three talents" can be harmonious.

Do you need the number of strokes for naming, how to determine the number of strokes in a name, the list of Chinese professional naming masters, teacher Xie Yong's name study, why you need to look at the strokes when choosing a name, what is the emphasis on the number of strokes in baby names, and the strokes in naming are still five elements, How many strokes are auspicious in naming a child? The number of strokes in a name is taboo. What is the meaning of the number of strokes in a name? The number of strokes in the name is good or bad? I believe that many friends who are planning to name and change their names are concerned about this issue. This Chinese I Ching name teacher, Mr. Xie Yong, will talk to you about this issue. Interested friends can read it carefully. If you are still not sure, you can contact Teacher Xie Yong came to help with research and analysis!

The importance of the name person can be said to be self-evident, and the name will accompany us all our lives, so there will be some emphasis on naming. Among them, the number of strokes of the name is, so how many strokes is the name of the person, how to say?

When it comes to naming, everyone is familiar with the "five grid method" at present, the sky grid, the ground grid, the personality grid, the outer grid, the total grid, the number of days, the number of places, the number of people, the outer number, and the total number, what everyone calls the number of strokes.

This is recorded in many books, and, to learn, but I personally don’t use this method. The five-grid method is used for the number of days after tomorrow, and the number of days after tomorrow, but no matter whether it is the number of days after tomorrow or the number of days after tomorrow, the name is indeed useful and effective. Help, such as some hexagram images, combinations, mutual generation and mutual restraint, or complementing the five elements, the number of strokes has an effect, this is undeniable.

The number of strokes in a name is related to the fate of a person. Each stroke represents destiny. How can you know the strokes of your name? So let's take a look at the importance of the strokes of your name with our teacher Xie Yong, so that we can have a future.

, Now there is a point of view that needs to be corrected. For example, if a name is chosen, fate and luck will be good. This is a wrong idea, which is a reversed view; One's own luck is very fateful, one's own strength is very strong, and the peripheral fate is affected. Moreover, the role of the name is only to improve the fate, and it cannot change the role. A name requires personal hard work!

In naming, the number of strokes has an influence, the radicals of the name itself, the name and luck have an effect. And, sometimes, for example, in the case of a horoscope and five elements, the combination of stroke numbers cannot be obtained in the case of a surname. At this time, the combination of stroke numbers can be discarded and considered, and the combination of key radicals and the name itself can be used for naming, which sometimes works. Therefore, when choosing a name, you have to choose which stroke counts you, and which stroke counts you. Don’t rely on those name testing software. It’s easy to learn one of its characteristics, and it’s changeable. This is a world that changes all the time. Changing things, many times, is biased. Therefore, there are many ways to name a name, as long as it is beneficial to the horoscope, it is a method, and it is limited to the number of strokes.

Children choose their names based on their birth date, which has always been a method of naming. However, despite the method, there are many things to pay attention to in the process, such as the child's zodiac sign, the five elements of happiness and taboo, you must be able to understand, and at the same time, when choosing a name, you must pay attention to the five elements and the number of strokes of each character. It is the number of strokes that can determine the name itself. Three talents and five characters, so do the number of strokes need to be used to name the eight characters? How important is the number of strokes?

The so-called five grids of the name are the name "attributes" obtained by the calculation method of the number of strokes. The five grids refer to the heavenly grid, the earth grid, the personality grid, the external grid and the total grid. Each of the fate grids has a calculation method corresponding to the number of strokes. And the influence of each kind of fate name is great, or the pattern calculation can understand the name reflected, and the life-lord stage has the characteristics of fortune.

In addition to using the five grids to calculate whether the name is in line with the child's horoscope, the five grids themselves have changes in good and bad fortune, so it is one thing to ensure that the five grids do not have any shortcomings when choosing a name. Why do you say that the number of strokes is required for naming a horoscope, because the number of strokes will bring five grids, which will affect the good or bad of the name and the fortune of the child.

Although the number of strokes in life has an impact on the good or bad luck of the whole name, it does not mean that the name itself will appear "" or "excellent".名字影响,是本末倒置,更何况八字来选择孩子姓名时还有着更为重要因素需要考虑,例如姓名五行是否符合孩子五行喜忌,以及姓名本身字偏旁部首、含义以及读音方面是否符合取名时要求,这些事项重要性远高于笔画数。




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