【Dream about mother doing Buddhist deeds】They will gain benefits|Khenpo Suo Daji|Super recommended Buddhist deeds and counseling for survivors|

61-2 [Question] The second question, "Induction" said that "cutting without reason" should not be done, but in the past ten years, the disciple has trained a small tailor living in mainland China to make clothes for disciples and disciple friends. If it is done now, the income of tailors will be reduced, which may affect their livelihood. What should be done?

61-3 [Question] The third question, I can’t let go of the hatred of my disciple’s mother and stepfather. They ruined my life and killed my son. Please introduce a method or a sutra to help me let go of hatred.

61-4 [Question] The fourth question, may I ask if eating the food and fruits offered to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can make the body look good and everything will always be smooth?

61-5 [Question] The fifth question is that a disciple in the dojo is doing volunteer work. Seeing that the person in charge of the dojo has made offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and distributed them to the volunteers they like, it makes other volunteers (including myself) feel very sad. Please ask the master for advice.

61-6 [Question] First, the disciple thinks that getting married and having children will hinder his practice, but his family members think about getting married. May I ask, if a disciple insists on practicing alone, is it against the orders of his parents, which is an act?

61-7 [Question] The second question, how to eliminate karma?

61-8 [Question] Thirdly, if the five precepts and the ten good deeds are not fully fulfilled, is it impossible to live? Do you start by reciting the Buddha's name to achieve the five precepts and the ten good deeds?

61-9 [Question] The fourth question, why do many Indians now believe in Hinduism instead of Buddhism?

61-10 [Question] We are determined by the masters in Penang to conceive the establishment of Amitabha Village and Chanting Hall. Excuse me, there are eight questions below. How should this Buddhist hall be named?

61-11 [Question] Second, how many benefactors should there be?

61-12 [Question] The third question, what qualifications should the council members have?

61-14 [Question] Fifth, how should the time be allocated for chanting Buddha and listening to scriptures?

61-15 [Ask] Next, which one should I listen to?

61-16 [Question] The seventh question is, if a person who recites the Buddha has a foreknowledge, can he record, record and testify? Can it be circulated? When will it be in circulation?

61-18 [Question] First, the disciple suffered from cancer before and vowed to take a vegetarian diet. Now because of his family members, he is fasting for ten days. Is it okay?

61-19 [Question] Second, what should I do if an animal dies while driving?

61-20 [Question] First, the Kek Lok Si Temple received the Tripitaka as a gift from the association, and a miracle happened. The Tripitaka showed green, red, and beautiful lights many times; Zijin appeared in front of the Tripitaka. He has two questions. May I ask what enlightenment is this for Buddhist disciples in the Tripitaka?

61-21 [Question] The second is that these miraculous scenes of disciples are made into CDs and photos. Can more disciples of the predestined Buddha be copied to see them?

61-22 [Question] The second question, ancestors or foundation masters, kitchen gods, and all the gods in the temple, pay homage to the Buddha, is this legal?

61-23 [Question] The third question, the disciple used to do Buddhist work, but now he goes there, his body starts to get sick, he stays up all night, and when he opens his eyes, he sees things in the empty legal realm, but now chanting and kowtow can’t help, what can I do? Is good?

61-24 [Question] The next question is, one time, when a disciple was doing chanting for a living person, other lay Buddhists invited Zongda De, and put diamond sand on the living person’s head. So the disciples had no choice but to leave. Is it in accordance with the law? May I ask if "King Sand" can transcend the six realms?

61-25 [Question] Sixth, I heard that reciting the mantra of Manjushri Bodhisattva 500,000 times can unlock wisdom and make everything go well, just like Manjushri Bodhisattva. Is it possible to obtain wisdom by constantly reciting Amitabha Buddha?

61-26 [Question] The seventh question, Taiwan Huazang Satellite TV initiated the recitation of the "Infinite Life Sutra" and "Ksitigarbha Sutra", but our ashram has only one "Infinite Life Sutra" and "Amitabha Sutra". , everyone is worried about whether this is mixed?

61-27 [Question] Eighth, can reciting the Rebirth Mantra and the Great Compassion Mantra be able to save an aborted fetus?

61-28 [Question] The following question, the master said that going back to the Pure Land or returning to the Pure Land is deceiving the Buddha, so does going back to the Western Pure Land or disappearing count as deceiving the Buddha?

61-29 [Question] The tenth question, after reciting sutras, is it okay for them to do the Three Refuges on the CD-ROM when returning to the karmic creditors?

61-30 [Question] The eleventh question, in the four-step method, almsgiving is a gift, but will giving gifts among Buddhist friends affect the mind?

61-31 [Question] The twelfth question, my experience of learning Buddhism is that there is no other way to learn Buddhism, change temperament, habits, improve spirituality, find oneself and abide by morality in dealing with others, so as to achieve "the unity of heaven and man". Is that so?

61-32 [Question] I often read the thirteen questions, because I am familiar with the scriptures of the "Infinite Life Sutra", and I can use the teachings in the scriptures to subdue, but the time is longer than a moment. Can I live like this?

61-33 [Question] The fourteenth question, now the Taoist temple, staff, I learn "three cares", chanting Buddha and listening to scriptures every day, is it Chinese?

61-34 [Question] The next question is, when taking the Triple Refuge as a group, can you recite silently in your heart, take refuge in the Sangha, and wish all sentient beings, recite the Buddha honestly, and seek rebirth in the Pure Land?

61-35 [Question] Question 16, my mother recited the Buddha's name for three hours every day, for half a year, her body went day by day. But recently, it was said that the karmic creditor said that she was going to become a Buddha, her words and actions, and now sometimes beats people, preventing us from reciting scriptures, and asking the master to save my mother.

61-36 [Question] The next question is, is it right for monks to live at home?

63-7 [Question] The fifth question below, may I ask how to subdue the Buddha's name and be affected by the surrounding environment when participating in the Buddha Seven?

61-37 [Question] The eighteenth question, when counting the rosary and praying to the Buddha, can I hold the rosary and the head of the Buddha?

61-38 [Question] For the first question, he has six sub-topics. The following are questions about chanting Buddha's name. We have been reciting Buddha's name for a while, but if we close our eyes and chant Buddha's name, what we see is not a statue of Buddha, but the Chinese characters of "Amitabha Buddha" or "Namo Amitabha Buddha". Is it in accordance with the law?

61-39 [Question] When I do not close my eyes, I just think of Amitabha, and "Namo Amitabha" appears like a neon light. Is it legal?

61-40 [Question] Thirdly, when chanting Buddha, sometimes there will be pictures of Buddha statues respecting, how to solve it?

61-41 [Question] For the fourth question below, when I chant Buddha, I follow my breath, say "Ami" when I exhale, and "Tuofo" when I inhale. But I always feel that "Amitabha" is divided into two sections, which cannot be coherent. Is there any problem with this method of teaching?

61-42 [Question] Fifth, is pure sound without mindfulness a proper path of practice?

61-43 [Question] His last question is pure sound without thoughts, appearing at random, but time, like lightning, how to make it appear in front of you?

61-44 [Question] The second question is that I have been meditating for more than ten years. Now I sit in meditation with my eyes closed and recite verses. My mind and body return to zero, and my body and mind are free of thoughts. An invisible object appears on my forehead, and the world and the universe of the invisible object are integrated into one. , everything has no phase, no thought, no. I can't find movements, I can't remember anything, it will take a while to recover my senses. But in the realm of the environment, nothing can be seen, and there is no bright light. What should I do next?

61-45 [Question] The third question, the "Infinite Life Sutra" says: there is no difference in the appearance of living beings in the Western Pure Land, why do the living beings living in the same land feel that the body of the "responsible body Buddha" is small, and the real retribution land feels that the "retribution body Buddha" Big?

61-46 [Question] For the fourth question below, "Phase has body and emptiness, and things have reason and emptiness", may I ask "empty" for "" to explain? How to understand "everything is reasonable and empty"?

61-47 [Question] The fifth question, what is the world like without four? In other words, what kind of heart do we feel the environment? Why do I act like a fool in the face of the realm when I can't think about it, and I don't know what the situation is?

61-48 [Question] The following question, what is the meaning of "knowledge" in "what is manifested by the mind and changed only by consciousness"? How to keep the "consciousness" unchanged and let the heart live in Amitabha?

61-49 [Question] The following question, I am a scientific and technological worker, how can I achieve "no living mind" when conducting scientific research? Are scientific research and scientific thinking delusion?

61-50 [Question] The next question is that I am engaged in forest quarantine and prevention and control work. I found that there are dangerous diseases and pests in nurseries and timber factories. The national law requires on-the-spot supervision of nurseries and timber factories to burn insects or spray pesticides to kill viruses. This kind of work involves enforcing laws and protecting trees on the one hand, and killing animals on the other. What should we do?

61-51 [Question] The ninth question, is it possible to read the mantra of changing food when seeing food?

61-52 [Question] The next question, please ask, can the remaining money for the statue of Sakyamuni be used to make other statues?

61-53 [Question] If there is a lot of money left over for the altar, can it be used to build temples? If you specify a certain sutra, but you need very little money to print this sutra, can you print other sutras instead?

61-54 [Question] The following is the eleventh question. The master said "do not slander the king", the leader of the king's group. If the leader is corrupt and accepts bribes, can we report it?

62-1 [Ask] For the first question, let me ask about the meaning of incarnation. There are three questions.

62-2 [Question] Incarnation refers to an incarnation of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas achieved by practicing ordinary people upside down, or does Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have the ability to transform into many bodies?

62-3 [Question] The next question is, Master Yinguang is the incarnation of Mahastha Bodhisattva, why not say he is Guanshiyin Bodhisattva?

62-4 [Question] The second question is, if a person achieves according to the Ksitigarbha Dharma, is he the incarnation of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and at the same time is the incarnation of all Bodhisattvas?

62-5 [Question] Look at the second question below. A layman dojo works as a volunteer, but his parents do not learn Buddhism, so his body serves in his dojo. This layman is afraid that his kung fu will decline after returning home, so the dojo is worried about the health of his parents and will not be able to fulfill his filial piety.

62-6 [Question] The following question, the family members have never been to the association before, and now they write tablets here, where can the family members of the deceased find it?

62-7 [Question] There is a question below. Regarding the book "Jue Hai Ci Hang", he has two questions. "Jue Hai Ci Hang" says: Observe the five precepts in movement, and you will be able to live. The conditions for chanting Buddha's name are right, may I ask whether it is in accordance with the law?

62-8 [Question] Second, the disciple bought fifty copies of "Jue Hai Ci Hang" and distributed them, and misled fifty people. Is it hindering their lives? How should we repent?

62-9 [Question] The following question, a disciple who is new to Buddhism, made a mistake once, and now has symptoms. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will have evil thoughts, evil thoughts, and male and female thoughts. Although I know that I have committed a crime again and again, but I can't control it, what should I do?

62-10 [Question] The sixth question, the husband is having an affair, living apart, and the three-year-old son, what should I do?

62-11 [Question] The seventh question, when I recite the Diamond Sutra at night, my spiritual consciousness rushes to the top and leaves my body. I ran into an acquaintance in an instant, said a few words, and would be back later. To avoid this situation, I will recite the Diamond Sutra again from now on. May I ask why this happens?

62-12 [Question] Eighth, when a classmate was studying Buddhism, he recited the Great Compassion Mantra, his soul went out of his body, and he saw or didn’t want to see things, which made him a little nervous. May I ask the master for advice?

62-13 [Question] The ninth question is that an old man studied very hard and went out for three years, more than two years. Sitting quietly and reciting the Buddha's name is the main homework, and one word of the Buddha's name vows to become a Buddha. During the study period, there was a phenomenon of being separated from the body, and she recovered after crying bitterly for more than three months. Now he feels so weak that he can't even pick up a bowl of rice, so he asks the master for advice.

62-14 [Question] The following question, may I ask Fang Xiaoru who caused the disaster of exterminating his family, some people say he is, some people say he is a loyal minister and a filial son. May I ask how to measure, is Fang Xiaoru filial or not?

62-15 [Question] The following question, there have been more than a dozen incidents in Singapore recently where young and middle-aged people died suddenly in their sleep. Why do these people die in their sleep? Is it a good thing that these people died without illness? How should Buddhist chanters ensure smooth rebirth in the Land of Ultimate Bliss under such circumstances?

62-16 [Question] The following question, the "Infinite Life Sutra" says: People who are born in the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss have a golden male body. But there is no body in the Formless Realm, so why is there still a body in the Land of Ultimate Bliss?

62-17 [Question] The thirteenth question, for a sick layman, can someone help him recite until he is cremated?

62-20 [Question] The next question is that there are many versions of sutras and mantras with different contents. Should I read and recite according to which version? If I choose the wrong version, will it cause no merit but create criminal karma?

62-21 [Question] The following questions are related to enlightened people. The first question, why do many enlightened patriarchs and great virtues still appear sick and flee? If it is said that illness is caused by karma and cause and effect, then those who have left the six realms will suffer from cause and effect? After the Sixth Patriarch enlightened, all self-natures should have wisdom, virtue, or supernatural powers, so why did they flee?

62-22 [Question] The second one is the enlightened person who sees one’s nature. Is there any wisdom in the present world or the supramundane dharma, or does it need to practice to obtain wisdom?

62-23 [Question] Question 18 below, is there a standard for the times?

62-24 [Question] The nineteenth question, the master said, don’t let all beings make enemies. If you see someone doing evil, when the opportunity arises, you’d rather let him go instead of persuading him. But sometimes if you try to stop it, it may cause more sentient beings. How should I do it?

62-25 [Question] The following question, my disciple is watching you lecture on the Huayan Sutra at home during this time. After watching two episodes, a Chinese rose tree was planted in the backyard. This cold winter gave birth to a flower bud, and now it is slowly blooming. Master Faxi shared this . In the past few years, my disciple has read and recited the "Infinite Life Sutra" more than 3,000 times. From now on, I will learn from Buddhism. Thank you Master!

62-26 [Question] Now, if all living beings in the heavenly realm can see the real situation of reincarnation in the six realms, why would they indulge in the five desires and not practice hard?

62-27 [Question] The last question, is there any mention in the scriptures of how demons destroy Buddhism in the Dharma-ending age?

62-28 [Question] The first question is about the understanding of the Ksitigarbha Sutra. In the Dharma-ending period, all living beings are deluded and upside down. However, Master said that the blessings of sentient beings are not enough, and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will not come. How should we understand this?

62-29 [Question] Second, people who commit suicide suffer from suicide every seven days. I don’t know whether it is the bardo, the human world, or the ghost realm.

62-30 [Question] The fourth question, what principles should be followed in choosing an industry? What kind of industry is involved?

62-31 [Question] The fifth question below is whether practitioners will forget family love and hatred?

62-32 [Question] The next question is, in this era, if you devote yourself wholeheartedly to the cause of sages, do you stay single? But Confucianism attaches great importance to the relationship between the five ethics, and Confucius has a family. May I ask whether it should be adjusted according to the times?

62-33 [Question] Next, he has ten questions for the seven Buddha fights. The first one, I would like to ask monks and nuns, what kind of mentality should they maintain in order to reach the seventh level of Buddha?

62-34 [Question] For the Seventh Buddha, you should insist on walking around the Buddha, or you can recuperate, take a break when you have time, worship Buddha or sit and meditate. But when sitting in meditation or praying to Buddha, you may fall asleep. (I'll continue reading below), although the Buddha's name is unified in the chanting hall, everyone's tone is different. Should it be read aloud or quietly? Fourthly, some people think that only by chanting loudly can they be subdued. Is this the way of thinking?

62-35 [Question] Sixth, is it because when you get used to other people's tone or other situations, you should leave Buddha Qi, or adjust and change your concept? (For example, remind yourself that you are born in your heart, not the external environment.)

62-36 [Question] Seventh, how to cultivate harmony during the seven Buddha sessions?

62-37 [Question] Eighth, during the Seventh Buddha, I sometimes think of my wrong thoughts and actions. Does this kind of introspection belong to the process of chanting Buddha? Will it affect the heart? Should we continue to think deeply, or turn it into a Buddha name?

62-38 [Question] Ninthly, in the Seventh Buddha of the Young People, if the physical condition allows, should one eat once a day, or follow the fate and eat when you want?

62-39 [Question] Finally, what are the seven rules of the Buddha? How should it be formulated?

62-40 [Question] My disciple is a housewife who works as a volunteer in the Zhaitang of the Dojo. I have seen some situations, so I would like to make a report. Please guide me. The first one is the amount of vegetables used in the dojo. When processing in the kitchen, wrap the vegetables in newspaper and put them in the refrigerator. Disciples believe that the newspaper ink and chemical components will penetrate into the vegetables, and they will be healthy. They suggest wrapping the vegetables in white newspapers or paper towels.

62-41 [Ask] Second, cleaning vegetables takes time and manpower. Kitchen workers wash and cut vegetables two or three days ago, take them out when necessary, and rinse them with water. Wash away, and the vegetable nutrients are lost.

62-42 [Question] Third, after many people wash their hands, there is no faucet to rinse, and there is a lot of detergent left on the faucet. When you turn off the tap, get the detergent on your hands and chop vegetables directly with the flour.

62-43 [Ask] She has a few more words. Although the above details are insignificant, if the disciple pays attention, it will indeed damage the diet of the public, so please ask the master to explain it.

63-1 [Ask] The first question, the mage said not to look at other people's shortcomings. However, in daily life, and even on the path of spreading and protecting the Dharma, we often encounter some understandable personnel problems. If you speak out, you are afraid of telling right and wrong, and you will become a villain; if you spit, in your heart, please ask the master to enlighten you.

63-2 [Question] The second question, may I tell you the truth about those hypocrites out of righteousness and fear that the public will be misled, is this considered right and wrong?

63-3 [Question] The third question, the master said that the Dharma protectors need to cooperate, but I have overcome all difficulties, worked hard to make contributions to the Dharma, and helped many people to benefit. It's not fair.

63-4 [Question] The fourth question, I wish I was a boy. After a lot of painful experiences, sex reassignment surgery, I became a man. However, such a person cannot become a monk, and in the process of my practice, I was an enemy in the past life. No matter where I went, I saw him, which made my spirit collapse. He has three questions below. How should sentient beings like me cultivate to attain Bodhi?

63-5 [Question] The second question, how can I, a man, eliminate his past karma within a lifetime and turn into a man and become a monk?

63-6 [Question] Thirdly, the Buddha said that there is the Sutra of Turning the Body of a Woman Said by the Buddha, how should I read, accept and uphold it to verify the Buddhadharma?

66-33 [Question] The third question is that we are faced with many tests to promote and protect the righteous Dharma. Although there is wisdom, it may often be destructive. May I ask how to check yourself for Hong Kong nursing work?

63-8 [Question] The next question, the master said that monks who practice blessings are not eligible to enter Buddhist halls or lecture halls to listen to scriptures. But it is not the time to listen to the scriptures, chant the Buddha, and do a lot of work. For those who have just become monks, they can calm down and ask the master for advice.

63-9 [Question] The next question is, what state will you encounter in the Seventh Buddha Middle School? The eighth question, how should the Seventh Buddha School adjust the body?

63-10 [Question] The following question is Xuantian God, a Taoist deity; Beichen Bodhisattva, a Buddhist secret mention bodhisattva, is well-known in Japan. May I ask whether it is possible for these two saints to be the manifestation of the same Bodhisattva?

63-11 [Question] The next question is, the disciple’s body has sentient beings from the immortal family on his body, and he asks to go out, but the disciple refuses. Over the past six years, I have visited Chinese and Western medicine and found results. Moreover, I vowed to recite scriptures and chant Buddha to save sentient beings, but the effect was not good. How should I over-recommend them? save me from pain.

63-12 [Question] The last question, the system of burning incense and scars is not handed down from the Buddha, can you ask the master to abolish this system?

63-13 [Question] The first question, when eating meat, silently recite the "Three Refuges" and "Purity Eating Mantra for Rebirth", does this have the effect of saving animals?

63-14 [Question] The next question is, when disciples heal people, they can recite the Three Refugees, "The Mantra of the Seven Buddhas to Exterminate Offenses", "The Mantra of Birth in the Pure Land", and "The Mantra of Resolving Injustice". Then dizziness occurs, may I ask why?

63-15 [Question] The third question, the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, a Dharma Realm, why are there all kinds of appearances?

63-17 [Question] The next question is, can I only read the second volume of the Ksitigarbha Sutra, and dare to read the first and second volumes.

63-18 [Question] The sixth question, I killed some snakes when I was a child. Recently, after taking the eight-pass fast, I dreamed that a snake came to bite me, but the snake opened its mouth and hit me twice with its hands. What does this dream mean?

63-19 [Question] The seventh question, among the "truths of all dharmas", which ones are confused and perverted by everyone, and which ones are known by all living beings now?

63-20 [Question] The eighth question, what kind of kung fu should a practitioner achieve without being influenced by inner demons or external demons?

63-21 [Question] For the ninth question below, there is a person who specializes in painting figures of various dimensions, spiritual ecology and Buddha statues. There are already a number of them, which should be convincing. He has two questions below, is it possible to display these works? The second question is, what methods should help others to learn Buddhism?

63-22 [Question] The tenth question, some disciples and Buddhist friends donated money to build the temple. The first floor was built, but the second floor lacked funds. Recently, I have heard all kinds of slander from the presiding master. I don’t know if I am determined to recite karma because of the master’s practice.

63-23 [Question] The following eleventh question, disciples who are monks, are very happy after listening to the "Avatamsaka Sutra". If they want to study hard, should they listen to it from the beginning? Or listen to what is being said now?

63-24 [Question] The twelfth question below is that my student’s boyfriend is a Christian, and my mother is now urging us to be together, saying that this will affect her rebirth in the Paradise of Paradise. What should I do?

63-25 [Question] The thirteenth question, like other children, my son cannot concentrate on doing anything. In recent years, it has been discovered that he cannot communicate or communicate with others. What method should be used to help him now? Can he read and recite the Ksitigarbha Sutra to return to himself and his karmic creditors?

63-26 [Question] The fourteenth question, the three-level kung fu of reciting the Buddha's name is complete, can you see the Buddha and get the comfort and guidance of the Buddha?

63-27 [Question] The fifteenth question, the four-color lotus in the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. The "four colors" represent infinity. What are the colors of the lotus?

63-28 [Question] The sixteenth question below, does the alaya consciousness have an image before death? For those who were born in the holy land, how did the alaya consciousness change at the moment of rebirth?

63-29 [Question] The next question is, what causes and conditions do you have to see the Buddha and Bodhisattva when you send it to a living person?

63-30 [Question] The next question, I implore the teacher to explain in concise and understandable words, what is, and delusion?

63-31 [Question] The last question, is there a Dharma center for great virtues and eminent monks for self-cultivation and reciting Buddha’s name to be born in the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss?

63-32 [Question] After my disciple's daughter went to study in London, she immediately looked for a job and settled there. In recent years, I heard that she is a little mentally ill. The company dismissed her job and lived alone outside. She has no relatives and no reason. But she wanted to go back to Hong Kong, and she wouldn't let me see her. The disciple was worried, and chanted sutras and Buddha every day. Master please help.

63-33 [Question] The second question is that my mother has no confidence in being reborn in the Pure Land, saying that she has no merits to return to the Pure Land at her age. I heard from the master that out of 10,000 Buddhist chanters, only one or two can be born. How should I persuade my mother?

63-34 [Question] The next question is, I am a Catholic. In recent years, I have read the Buddhist scriptures and learned the method of reciting the Buddha’s name. Now I am reciting the Buddha’s name every day. Will this conflict with my original beliefs?

63-35 [Question] The following question, if you become a vegetarian for three years and follow the five precepts, will your karma be eliminated?

63-36 [Question] The last question is limited. There is only one Amitabha statue on the wall at home. No incense is burned or offerings. I usually chant and worship Buddha. Is this legal?

63-37 [Question] How can I help the elderly with dementia to recite Buddhism to survive in the West when the work and other family members learn Buddhism?

63-38 [Question] The last question, the disciple thinks that having children will be an obstacle. Is this idea correct?

64-1 [Question] Firstly, if a person who believes in vows, practices, and recites Buddha’s name is in a daze at the end of his life, can he be reborn?

64-2 [Question] The second question is, the host of the Jingzong Taoist Temple invited the master to explain and explain mistakes in the Pure Land classics, and misled sentient beings. What is the result?

64-3 [Question] The third question, following what I said above, what is the result of misinterpreting the scriptures and misleading sentient beings?

64-4 [Question] The fourth question, can learning the scriptures teach people to be stupid?

64-5 [Question] Below you give two verses. Recently, someone from Master Yiyi strongly advocated the need for rebirth after reciting Buddha’s name in these two verses. Is the meaning of these two verses really true?

64-6 [Question] The first question, is it possible to hope for a deity, Amitabha, to receive and guide, and need Guanyin and all other saints to receive and guide?

64-7 [Question] The second question is that some children are born with virtuous roots, deeply attached to Buddhism, and are different. Parents listen to the master’s lectures and ask them to recite and learn "Disciple Regulations", "Four Books", "Infinite Life" through". Now that these children have reached school age, their parents are afraid that they will be polluted when they go to schools in the world, so I beg the master to enlighten them, where should they be sent to study, and how should parents educate them?

64-8 [Question] Next question, may I ask the World Honored One to reincarnate in this world, is he confused after entering the womb, or is it like ordinary people who are confused first and then enlightened, and then know that they are here to manifest themselves and become Buddhas?

64-9 [Question] The following question, Master, have you studied Buddhism for more than 50 years, do you possess supernatural powers? If it can be manifested, will it help us learn to recite the Buddha's name and become a Buddha, learn the principles of the heart and earth, have more confidence, and strive to imitate it?

64-10 [Question] The fifth question, when I sleep, I know that I am dreaming. Is this a dream?

64-11 [Question] The sixth question, the family had a dream, saying that the gate of the Paradise of Paradise is written in black, and the journey is far away. Can you believe this statement? Why is there such a situation?

64-12 [Question] The next question is, there is a layman who has been paralyzed in bed for more than 20 years, listening to your sutras and chanting Buddha. Recently, I often see light, but I haven't seen the Buddha come to guide me. How should the layman's family help him?

64-13 [Question] Second, the layman's family killed two snakes more than 20 years ago. Is this the layman's retribution for killing snake fruit?

64-14 [Question] The eighth question, the daughter of the family is energetic, but she has many delusions. The doctor said that she is suffering from schizophrenia, and she herself suffers from being unable to concentrate. I can't control my delusions, what should I do?

64-15 [Q] The next question is that the current global climate anomaly is very obvious and worrying. The master said that the most urgent task is to resolve all conflicts and oppositions. How can such a disaster be achieved?

64-17 [Question] The eleventh question, the ashram always has its own meaning in doing things, and it is always out of control when you come, how to adjust your mentality and serve sentient beings?

64-18 [Question] The following question, if you can practice to break through the dimension of space, will it be scary to see ghosts and sentient beings?

64-19 [Question] The thirteenth question, the disciple is timid and afraid of ghosts, and knows that this practice is an obstacle, but he cannot break through it. What should I do?

64-20 [Question] Fourteenth, when doing things in the dojo, protecting the dojo, and implementing the rules of the dojo, if you offend someone, is it in accordance with the law? Is there cause and effect? How to be a good deacon?

64-21 [Question] The next question is, may I ask the Layman who is making offerings to the Daoist Temple, if they need to pay for food, lodging and living expenses?

64-22 [Question] The following question, please ask the staff of the Taoist temple to receive the wages of the Taoist temple. If they are not enlightened in this life, do they need to wear fur and horns?

64-23 [Question] In the dojo, some permanent residents use the magic weapon of the circulation place to make connections with others in their own name. Is it considered climbing?

64-24 [Question] The eighteenth question, if monks save their own savings to support the Taoist temple and pay for their own living expenses when they are at home, but fail to attain enlightenment in this life, what will be the result in the next life?

64-25 [Question] The following question, Master said that doubts about virtuous teachers are caused by demons. But sometimes doubts arise about virtuous teachers, although they can be controlled but cannot be completely eliminated, how can I improve my confidence?

64-26 [Question] The last question. In the past, when a disciple met a good teacher, he learned various sects of Zen Buddhism. Now he listens to the master’s lecture. How should he go deep into the Dharma?

64-27 [Question] The first question is, for practitioners in the Dharma-ending era, what is it that can achieve the fruition status before death?

64-28 [Question] Second, what skills do you need to have to build a dojo? What kind of kung fu should you have, and why?

64-29 [Question] Thirdly, how to resolve the haunted places, homes or workplaces?

64-30 [Question] The fourth question, the Buddha was in the world 3,000 years ago, and people should have been a hundred years old and taller than people today. Now the lifespan should be about seventy years old, but looking at the history books, it seems that two or three thousand years ago, the lifespan of a person was less than one hundred years old. The so-called "seventy years of life is rare in ancient times", why is this?

65-1 [Ask] First, is it very helpful to read?

65-2 [Question] The second question, is it necessary to continue to pray within 49 days after birth?

65-3 [Question] The third question, if the bergamot is used as an ornament, does it belong to the blood of the Buddha?

65-4 [Question] The fourth question, when a disciple recites the Buddha's name, a Buddha image appears in his mind. At this time, should he focus on the Buddha's name or let nature take its course?

65-5 [Question] The next question is, I read the book "Seeing the Worthy and Thinking of the Same", written by Master Guanghua. One section talks about the precepts, saying that the three precepts of killing, stealing, and lying are the opening conditions. However, under certain circumstances, the precept of sexual intercourse can be opened, please ask the master to enlighten it.

65-6 [Question] The sixth question, some people say that it is useful to recite thousands or tens of thousands of recitations every day, but how can we focus on recitation and know how much we have recited?

Further reading…

07 Master Jingkong's Buddhist Questions and Answers 61

Khenpo Suo Daji: Do more meritorious deeds for the deceased, and they will benefit!

65-7 [Question] The seventh question, the disciple killed a snake more than ten years ago, and his son behaved differently when he was four years old and lost control. I heard from the master that the snake was attached to his son. How can I resolve it?

65-8 [Question] The next question, disciple Shi, knelt in front of Huang Daxian and made a wish, and said that he would worship in front of the temple every day. But now I come to the Buddhist hall for morning classes every day, and I don't have time to worship Huang Daxian. The disciple knows that gods can be deceived, if he does not keep his promise, will Huang Daxian punish the disciple?

65-9 [Question] For the ninth question, he said, be careful to put the Buddhist recitation machine in the coffin and cremate together. Is this considered to be the blood of the Buddha? How to remedy? Is this the dead?

65-10 [Question] In the next item, he said that somewhere in the body of the disciple, the "Great Compassion Mantra" sticker was pasted on the sick place, and it took a lot of time after it was pasted, but is it legal?

65-11 [Question] Last question, may I ask if the three-hour memorial tablets can be stacked together?

65-12 [Question] First, how do you understand the Dharma-ending period?

65-13 [Question] The second question, how to cut off lust, practice?

65-14 [Question] The third question, the government staff arranged for the reception, what should I do in my heart?

65-15 [Question] Fourthly, what are the practices at home and as a monk?

65-16 [Question] The next question says, I want to become a monk, but if it will affect my family, what should I do?

65-17 [Question] The next question is, is it okay to insist on taking medicine, going to the hospital, and reciting Amitabha regardless of any illness?

65-18 [Question] Regarding the next question, the Dharma Master said in the lecture that the universe is a sudden appearance, and all living beings are a phenomenon arising from the combination of many conditions. May I ask what is the relationship between "Sudden Appearance" and "The Harmony of All Beings"?

65-19 [Question] The eighth question, is it legal for lay people to call lay people (heads of prayer groups) "Master"?

65-20 [Question] Less than eight hours after the death of the deceased, someone pushed up the top of the head from the body and feet of the deceased with internal energy, which means to help the deceased's spiritual consciousness to come out of the body as soon as possible. Is this it? Does the dead matter?

65-21 [Question] Some people saw the deceased sitting on the lotus avatar during the chanting. Does this prove that the deceased was reborn in the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss?

65-22 [Question] The next question, the disciples found that in the process of practice, there is a kind of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning Buddhism. May I ask what is going on? Is it an obstacle?

65-23 [Question] The following question, he said, is it impersonal to follow fate and follow fate?

65-24 [Question] The next question, when someone asks a disciple a question, the disciple can answer the other person's heart and speak the other person's words, why is this?

65-25 [Q] The fourteenth question, I heard that hair dyeing belongs to parents, because our parents have black hair. Is perming your hair the same as being filial to your parents?

65-26 [Question] Question 15. Rescue after a person dies is ineffective. In this case, putting on clothes after 8 to 12 hours is effective?

65-27 [Question] The sixteenth question, a disciple pays to write a reincarnation tablet, but the surrogate writes the wrong name and refuses to help change it back. What should I do?

65-28 [Question] The next question is, all sentient beings have the wisdom and virtue of the Tathagata, but do the countless Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Jesus and Muslims each have their own pure lands?

65-29 [Question] The last question, the so-called "devil", what are the "devil" and "ghost"?

65-32 [Question] The first question, does devotion count as deceiving the Buddha? The Master said that we should recite the "Hui Xiangyao" with repentance, but because of karmic obstacles, how should we show compassion? If you keep your focus when reciting "Hui Xiangwen" and let delusions get mixed up, is it in accordance with the law?

65-33 [Question] The second question, he said, how to distinguish a person's practice of Kungfu in daily life? If a person who comes here shows a negative role and always asks others to stoma their mouths, is it considered as saving the karma of sentient beings?

65-34 [Question] The following question, I heard that the Pure Land method can help both cultivation, so what kind of assistance do people need to practice when they "go deep into one discipline and cultivate with time"?

65-35 [Question] The fourth question, how to ensure that the practitioners will not suffer from tribulations during the slumber of the National People's Congress?

65-36 [Question] The next question, is there any zodiac sign in Buddhism? How should it be resolved?

65-37 [Question] The sixth question is that our body is composed of many cells. These cells have gnosis, consciousness, and self-nature. It means that each of us has countless spiritual bodies. Then when we break our self-attachment and do things that are altruistic and self-interested, do we attach ourselves to these sentient beings?

65-38 [Question] The next question is that a disciple is studying Buddhism at home, and recently he wants to abandon the external relationship and practice for three years to improve the way and practice, and come out to benefit sentient beings. The current economic capacity, if saved, can barely maintain three years of road grain. In this case, should I give alms? A disciple is helping sentient beings, saving oneself first and accumulating food for the Tao. Is it considered greedy and stingy?

65-39 [Question] Next he asked, "Avatamsaka Sutra" says, "Walking cloth does not hinder harmony, and harmony does not hinder walking cloth." I would like to ask you to study "Disciple Regulations", "Shang Induction Chapter", "Ten Virtuous Karma and Dao Jing", and then study Mahayana. This is a practice, but how to learn to be harmonious?

65-40 [Question] The next question, he said, if you can listen to scriptures and Dharma apart from language, writing, and mind, is it possible for anyone to speak scriptures, write in any language, and in any situation?

65-31 [Question] The next question is, the student is a professional gambling tour guide. As a Buddhist disciple, does his occupation violate the sect rules and create sinful karma?

66-1 [Question] The first question, it was mentioned in the master's lecture that I hope to build a memorial hall for the teacher to protect the Dharma. What is the significance of it?

































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我们大多数祖先在世时和临终时没有得到佛法利益,清明节时,我们行持传统祭奠活动、寄托哀思怀念外,能亡人念诵观音心咒、弥陀名号和心咒; 如果条件许可,可以亡人放生、念诵《诸佛名号宝鬘集》、《生助念仪轨》、行持各种善法,让亡人得到佛法利益。










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