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The forehead represents a person's family affection and overall luck, and the mole on the forehead shows this information. Many women have moles on their foreheads. They are beautiful but blind. Forehead moles are good or bad depending on the situation.

Moles on the forehead are Guanyin moles, which represent charity and benevolence. People with moles on their foreheads, good wives and good mothers. Because the forehead implies family affection and overall luck. A woman with a mole on her forehead will be a good wife and mother after she gets married. She will take care of her husband and children at home, and at the same time, she will help her husband. Therefore, she can win the heart of her husband. In the eyes of others, this person can be called a standard "good wife".

Including Tianting, Sikong, and Zhongzheng, these parts are mainly related to career and work status. If there is a good mole, it symbolizes auspicious stars, ability, and success in the job position. It is easy to be taken care of by the boss. Promotion, career luck, but women benefit from career and work, husband luck, how to get coordination, consider.

Among the twelve palaces of Yintang, it belongs to the palace of life. Life is very short. As the saying goes, "Yintang" turns black, and bad luck comes. It is a mole, wish fulfillment, failure, women are Kefu's life.

6. Remarry: Remarried, a woman with this mole is likely to remarry.

1. Birth problems: problems in childbirth, dystocia or uterine diseases, or death due to illness.

2. Husband loss: Hurt the husband, Kefu phase.

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3. Die as a guest: A woman with this mole will marry to another place or develop away from home, and be separated by mountains and die as a guest.

4. Interfering with father and husband: father and husband. Keef, the husband will die young.

6. Remarry: Remarried, a woman with this mole is likely to remarry.

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Holding a Sword and Twisting Blue Silk_Sinan Yinnan【End】(68)

7. Slave: Industrious and thrifty to take care of the family, and to do things by yourself. A woman with this mole is not rich, she is diligent and thrifty, and her family can reach a well-off life.

It is normal for us to have moles. Many people choose to have moles removed, because they feel that they do not affect their appearance or affect themselves, so they remove moles. But in fortune mathematics, moles can be removed, some moles will affect our own fortune

Mole spotting is a way for us to become beautiful, so if a man has a mole on his forehead, he can’t get it on, because this mole can bring good luck to a man, and it means that a man will have a rich life. Analysis from the perspective of moles, if a man has a mole on his forehead, it represents the man's fate, even if you don't click him, it will affect your luck, so we can't do it.

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