[Illustration of the sun line in female palmistry] The career line diagram of female palmistry indicates the career line of wealth and life. Do you have it?

Some people are poor all their lives, and some people are very rich all their lives. Why? There are many reasons for the Daquan of women's palmistry diagrams. Palmistry can tell whether a person is lucky or not. It is a woman. Do you know the diagrams of palmistry for women? You might as well take a look at the illustration of women reading palmistry and fortune telling.

There are three branches of palmistry: Western, Indian and Chinese. Hand shape and hand lines can be used to judge the good or bad luck of life. Because hands and lines change over time, changes in hand lines can be used to explore the past and predict future fortunes. Hand lines can allow us to prepare for the fate in advance, and bad hand lines can allow us to take precautions.

1. Jinqiu refers to the bulge of the "root of the thumb" that surrounds the thumb, representing vitality. entertainment channel

2. Jupiter Hill, refers to the raised part of the "base of the index finger", which represents the degree of enthusiasm and self-motivation.

3. Saturn Hill, refers to the raised part of the "root of the middle finger", representing the aspect of thinking and self-confidence.

4. Taiyang Hill refers to the raised part of the "root of the ring finger", which represents wealth, talent and fame.

5. Mercury hill, refers to the raised part of the "little finger root", representing creativity and wit.

7. The first Mars Hill is located between the "Venus Hill" and "Wood Hill", representing courage and positivity.

8. The second Mars Hill is located between the "Mercury Hill" and "Moon Hill", representing self-control.

1. The lifeline is called "ground pattern". The "Venus Hill" under the index finger surrounds the line of the thumb, and the influence is the vitality.

2. Wisdom line, called "human pattern". Starting from the middle of the thumb and index finger, extending to the "Moon Hill", the influence is on personality and thinking.

3. The emotional line is called "sky pattern". The line extending from the bottom of the finger toward the index finger affects the quality and attitude of love.

4. The fate line is called the "career line". The ascending line near the wrist toward the middle finger will affect your fortune and career in your life.

5. Marriage line, called "marriage line". A short line between the root of the little finger and the heart line will affect love and marriage time.

There are many types of emotional lines in female palmistry, and there are 25 types, which are explained in detail as follows

The tail end stops at the hill below the index finger, which means that people are naive, feeling, like things, have unrealistic ideas, emotionally and materially demanding, but pay attention to spiritual communication, dare to express love directly, have expectations and fear of being hurt.

The tail ends between the index finger and the middle finger, which means people, cheerful and generous personality, very expressive ability, interpersonal communication, emotional aspect, choose a partner with similar concepts, and hope that the other party will give, so that each other can form a relationship.

The end ends at the lower part of the middle finger, which means that you value material things, like to enjoy, have a tendency to live extravagantly, and may be addicted to material desires. In terms of emotions, possessive desires, jealousy, partner demands, but most of them are physical and emotional.

The palm is bent, which means that people are selfish and selfish. In terms of feelings, because of professionalism and ambition, they will feel, and the relationship with each other will be good. After the meeting, it will be like a dead end.

It refers to the hill below the ring finger, which means that people attach importance to interests and belong to hedonism, people will not give, and appear hypocritical. In terms of emotions, there are phenomena of liking the new and disliking the old, using love, changing contacts, love triangles, and chasing one-night stands.

It means that there is only a middle part, it means family relationship, rarely communicate with each other, interpersonal relationship is hot, friends will meet each other, emotionally, attitude is vacillating, know how to choose, when communicating, because of emotional relationship, it will affect feelings!

This is commonly known as the broken palm palm print, which means that people will, act, and be restrained by others. Therefore, showing a strong attitude will make others feel inexplicably oppressed.

It means that people are dull and honest. Please ask, interpersonal counts, but emotionally, understand the mood, misunderstand the style, make the other party at a loss, and keep pace with each other, so to maintain, you need to arouse the spark of love, otherwise the relationship will not work.

Expresses self-confidence, self-confidence, willingness for others to make sacrifices and dedication, emotionally, it will appear to suffer a little, because of the heart-to-heart relationship, you believe in the other party's lies, and there is a phenomenon of being deceived, leading to emotional difficulties and setbacks.

If the gap is interrupted, then it means that there has been experience in the relationship. In addition to disputes and quarrels, lovers or spouses will be separated due to environmental factors or sudden changes.

There is a gap under the little finger, which means that you are considerate in your relationship, you will blindly ask the other party to pay, and you will not hesitate to sacrifice the other party, making the other party feel disheartened. Coupled with disagreement and quarrels, the relationship will go on the road of breaking up and making a partner.

The line of emotion droops and the line of reason means that people go back and forth, unable to make decisions, and their actions are always obvious. It is emotional, which makes people get ahead of others. When they are sad and complain, they will see through their feelings and are willing to face them. They will work as an escape Excuse.

It means that people are very popular, they get help, they are friends of the opposite sex, they will take care of themselves in every possible way, make themselves feel embarrassed sometimes, and hope that the other party will develop a couple, but they are concerned about many factors, and often have ambivalence when choosing between them.

There are many branches under the little finger of the bifurcated emotional line at the front end, which means that you have suffered many obstacles, and your heart is born, so you appear restless, emotionally insecure, and have suspicions. If you get married, you will worry about your spouse having an affair and cheating, which will put pressure on your spouse and cause quarrels. , affect marital affection.

There are three branches under the middle finger of the emotional line, which means brains, understanding of changes, understanding of other people's minds, a set of emotional pursuits, good at expressing romance, and matching the atmosphere, and can be favored by lovers.

The entire emotional line is in the shape of a chain, which means that you are very emotional, but you are indecisive, you know how to express your heart, you will be confused when you are pursuing the opposite sex, you will be hindered in the process of communication, and you will be troubled in your feelings.

The emotional line is not enough, like a dotted line extending intermittently, indicating that the personality is very capricious, neurotic, liking the new and loathing the old, having problems communicating with the opposite sex, and making the other party feel insecure and wanting to give up on each other's feelings. , And there are twists and turns, lack of perseverance and perseverance in doing things.

Emotional lines often overlap, which means that people are rich in emotion, but they tend to be promiscuous, and the emotional state is not very good. One's own feelings are felt by the other party, and misunderstandings and disputes often occur, resulting in emotions and affecting future emotional development.

The emotional lines are messy and intersected, indicating the emotional fortune, the love process, the ideal partner, causing emotional trauma, and the phenomenon of loss of money and wealth. If you use emotion, you will have emotional reactions, make irrational behaviors, and lead to consequences.

There are island patterns appearing on the emotional line, which means that the relationship between relatives and friends is tense, and there are few people with each other. In terms of emotional, changes in the middle of the relationship make it impossible to continue the relationship, or there are other factors hindering the combination of each other, showing stagnation and stagnation. If you are born with an island pattern, it represents the person's emotions, fantasizing about romantic love, even if you want to close the mountain after getting married, the relationship cannot last forever.

There are stars or cross patterns on the love line, which means precocious love and love, but when it comes to marriage, most of the marriages will have twists and turns. If the love line is not interrupted, as long as you are willing to let go and be persistent, you can overcome the troubles in love.

On the emotional line under the little finger, broom-shaped lines appear, which are called reproductive lines. If the left and right hands appear, it means that people have sexual desire, fertility, and they have a good way of disciplining their children, and their children will have great achievements in the future.

There are many fine lines on the emotional line, indicating that the emotional life is colorful and colorful, and they know how to enjoy life and taste, they will please the opposite sex, spark sparks, the other party communicates harmoniously, and the relationship between each other is a good relationship.

The so-called money pattern means that there is a thin slash under the middle of the ring finger and the little finger called the money pattern. People have it. This type of person is lucky in wealth, and they meet financially powerful people in marriage.

The love line is long and goes up, and the end of the line is divided into three forks. This is the marriage line. Marry a rich man, and you will have wealth after marriage.

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Palmistry sun line for girls analyzes the relationship between the sun line and fate

Illustration of career line in female palmistry

The palm is as soft as cotton. If the palm is not destined for wealth, it is difficult to marry a rich man. If the palm is soft, it is difficult to marry a rich man.

The career line represents a person's career development, which is related to our fortune; so in palmistry, how to look at the career line in female palmistry? The above is the compilation of relevant articles, let us see!

The career line represents a person's career development, which is related to our fortune; so in palmistry, how to look at the career line in female palmistry? The above is the compilation of relevant articles, let us see!

1. Career line, I work hard and comfortably, and fail to create a career, so I can't live peacefully

2. Thin career lines, like to bear the constraints of fate, if equipped with a brain line, they will succeed in career.

3. The career line is deep and straight without other main lines and lines. I start my own business independently without the support of others. I am comfortable and unable to stop.

4. There is no career line, which means that the person has no occupation, can't be moved by everything, the way out is aimless, and everything will be at ease with the situation.

5. The lower part of the palm of the career line, on the way up, means that the career will be smooth when you are old, and you will not be as good as before in middle age.

6. Career line, the end is thin and pointed, and ends with the brain line, which means misjudgment of something and bad luck. Which section of the career line, that is, which first-year period, life is difficult, and everything is unsatisfactory.

1. The career line is pink and white, indicating wealth luck

2. The career line is dark gray, self-interested, unable to keep wealth

3. If the career line is white, it means there is a tendency to die.

1. The career line starts from the neck of the hand and stretches upwards to the bottom of the middle finger, which means self-reliance and starting a career. If the lines stretch upwards at the same time, it means that good things are long-term.

2. The career line starts from the neck of the hand and stretches upwards to the Jupiter Hill, which means that you can grasp the power and use it,

3. The career line starts from the neck of the wrist and extends to the sun mound, which means that the person has artistic talent and uses his artistic talent to achieve success.

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4. The career line starts from the neck lines on the hands and extends to the Mercury Hill under the little finger. If both hands appear at the same time, it means that you can succeed in business

5. Career line starts from the wrist and neck lines, and extends upward to the third section of the middle finger, which means very lucky, good or bad luck, and should be judged in conjunction with other coincidences on this line. If this line is white, you will suffer damage to your reputation and die.

6. The career line starts from the moon hill and extends upward to the emotional line, which means that the poor and famous get married or get married.

7. The career line starts from the Moon Hill, and at the same time the index finger and the ring finger, and the fingertips of each finger are cast-shaped, which means that this person has strong intuition and predictive ability.

8. The career line starts from the moon hill, and there are many parallel lines on the moon hill across the palm, which means going out for sightseeing

9. The career line starts from the moon hill and extends to the Saturn hill, which means that the success or failure is fickle, and you can start your own business independently. But talented, attractive to the opposite sex, active in society, often marry late, and lose the protection of their spouses.

10. The career line starts from the place of the palm, which means that the living environment is not good when you are young, and life is difficult, and you will be middle-aged.

11. The career line starts from Venus Hill, which means being infatuated with love, giving love indiscriminately, acting as a third party.

1. If the palm of the career line is interrupted, it means that the person will suffer setbacks in career and loss of wealth after entering middle age

Palmistry can tell whether a person's fate is good or bad. In real life, we are eager to have luck. Girls, fate is very important. Those fateful women always take good care of them, while some fateful women always work extremely hard. So, what does the sun line in girls' palmistry represent?

What is the sun line? In palmistry, the sun line is called the line of fame and fortune. As the name suggests, it is a line closely related to the success or failure of a career. Whether the career line is good or bad, it needs the support of the sun line. The sun line can rise from various positions. Most of the sun lines are in the middle or bottom of the palm. Some are life lines rising, and some start from the wisdom line or emotion line, but their tip extends to the sun mound (the root of the ring finger). Therefore, this line is the sun line.

The relationship between the sun line and fate 1. In order to achieve the state of small wealth, the wealth palace in palmistry must be full, and the sun line needs to go "a step further" in the first case above. The sun line extends down from the root of the ring finger and crosses the emotional line, which means that you can have wealth or encounters in your life, and you can reach the level of small wealth. This kind of person will usher in the peak of life and career starting around the age of thirty-one.

2. There are two situations in Zhongfu: first, after the sun line passes through the emotion line, it can bend and extend to the second Mars mound; second, after the sun line passes through the emotion line, it can extend to the surrounding moon mound. If you encounter any of these two situations, it means that your wealth in life can reach the middle-rich level and you will have wealth.

3. Great wealth There are only a few rich people in real life, so palm reading of rich people must be rare. For example, only when the sun line extends down from the root of the ring finger and the life line intersects or approaches, it is possible to achieve great wealth in life. This kind of situation is rare, because people's sun line will not be like this.

4. Well-off If the sun line on your hand extends downward, that is, when the root of your ring finger extends to the emotional line, it implies that your wealth can reach a well-off state, such as having a car, a house, and savings. Insufficient than the top, more than the bottom, this kind of situation.

In the final analysis, fate is in everyone's hands. Even if you have an innate destiny, if you work hard the day after tomorrow, then destiny cannot be guaranteed.

Interpret the horoscope code, analyze the fortunes and taboos, and reveal your life destiny, career wealth, emotional marriage and future development.

Combining the horoscope counts marriage, and tests whether the husband and wife are destined to be husband and wife.

The sun line can see a person's inner satisfaction in life. This line is not for everyone, and it represents a sign of achievement, showing that this person knows how to enjoy life and find satisfaction in work.

The sun line is the same as the fate line, it may start from the palm. The sun line starts from the moon mound, above the palm, and is a vertical line above the love line. No matter where the starting point is, it is on the sun hill.

The sun line indicates that this person has a charming personality, warm and cheerful like the sun. The sun line, people's fortune, although they are born with talent, but this kind of people need to use the right time and place.

Not all palms have sun lines. Some people may have sun lines. It doesn't mean lack of talent, it means life. However, without the Sun line or Sun, there is some cynical or cynical nature in the personality, and happiness may be out of reach.

Multiple Sunline situations are sometimes seen, implying that the person is versatile and can achieve in several areas, and has the potential to use one or all of his talents for fulfillment and well-being.

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